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And I’m on a mission to mainstream transformation, having people own their magick and leave their imprint on this world, both youth and adults. I believe behind each fingerprint lies a unique blueprint of genius and magick, a legacy of freedom, joy and contribution waiting to be unleashed.

And the choice will always be ours to make… to create the life we dream of or live in default, reacting to what is. With the proper support team, it can be a lot easier than you think.

My job is to remind you of what’s possible. Of why you are here.

To inspire you to never give up on your dreams. To support you in overriding the belief systems that are no longer serving you. To be that loving interruption when you need it. My job is to believe in you so much that believing in yourself becomes effortless. 



We are here to play the game of vibration..

What does that mean? To love and express our joy through our creations. We’re here to play, and when our work becomes play, we thrive. And when we thrive, our community thrives.

So the goal becomes to design, align and embody the frequency of our dream life so that we manifest with ease and joy. My job is amplify your gifts, to create the space for you to align and rewrite your subconscious programming, to ignite and unleash your personal blueprint for joy, freedom, contribution, and ultimately your definition of success. 

A New Year’s Resolution online bootcamp program designed to have you reverse engineer your success, creating a solid foundation with a tangible roadmap of actionable steps towards ensuring you an epic new year designed and launched by yours truly with your soul’s signature.  

A digital course to create and embody your very own energetic blueprint for success. Learn to cultivate and magnetize with ease the energy field of your definition of success. BONUS content for you to embody love, health, wealth and massive success.

Creating 2019 is a digital course that ignites a fire in your soul, keeping your dreams + goals at the forefront of your mind.

Dream Big Youth Kit is a youth’s guide to kicking ass in 2019. This is the perfect blueprint for Tween and Teen leaders to dive in and ask themselves the powerful questions that will catapult and quantum leap their future and success.   

This moon kit is designed for you to create powerful 2019 New & Full MOON INTENTIONS.

Use your moon kit as a magick wand for you to release & shed (full moon) and renew & manifest (new moon). As a bonus we created a DIY BIRTH CHART for you.