Dear Meeting Planner,

Personal development and storytelling are changing the world, from entrepreneurs to students and professionals, everyone benefits. 

Known for sparking people into dreaming bigger and taking massive action, Michelle Jeovanny will captivate your audience!  

Meet your next level Quantum speaker and teacher, offering high impact, a super passionate female Latina speaker that can move an audience into full action through her experiential speaking art that combines story telling and personal development with love, magick and soul! Here are some testimonials. You can also check out my podcasts and youtube as well. 

I work with event planners who may not have the budget to bring in Oprah and Brene Brown but still want the “Oprah-effect” on their audience. Yes Oprah and I share a talent for talking and creating magic. I’d love to support you in making your upcoming event a phenomenal success. My booking process is easy and starts with a click of the button below.

Every speech is custom designed with so much love for you and your people.

Experiential Story-telling is an art.. facilitating personal development is an art.. to have people touched, moved and inspired to take action in their lives, that is my aim and focus – moved and inspired to ACT.  I use stories to anchor science based strategies and weave in practical actionables. My goal is to ignite  your people’s blueprint, activating their transformation and soul’s purpose through speaking, facilitating and coaching. Every space is sacred and is custom designed based on the needs and requests of the energetics in the room.  

Create Real Happiness + Fulfillment 

When I’m compelling audiences to shift their mindset in business and life I do it with the intent to bring out a deeper level of fulfillment, success, and happiness.

I work best with meeting planners and conference hosts who want a speaker who will engage with audience members before, during and after the event.

Conference developers who are committed to the professional development and personal growth of their attendees.