Hola! My name is Michelle Jeovanny and I’m here to serve.

I believe we’re all in some way following a calling and if you’re here, then I know you have a dream on your soul this world is waiting for.

I’m on a mission to mainstream transformation!

It’s one of my biggest passions for people to own their magick, their genius and really leave their imprint on this world.

Behind each fingerprint I believe lies a unique divine blueprint, a legacy of freedom and joy waiting to be unleashed, destined to make a difference.

And guess what, with the proper support team it can be a lot easier than you think.  

My story begins as a truth seeker and a rebel without a cause. I was called crazy my entire life. I grew up in an island to a single mom of 4. My mom was everything I ever wanted to be. A radical free thinker, an entrepreneur and a visionary way ahead of her times.


And then she fell in love with someone who physically, emotionally, and mentally abused her in extreme ways that had me grow up way too fast as a child. So I began to run away, get bad grades, cut school and sneak out the house just to find my own liberation, my own truth, rebelling to anything that felt confining to my soul.


In many ways I thank that man for awakening my spirituality at a very young age. Imagine that –an 11 year old talking to Spirit and seeing things she wouldnt understand till later on in life. This chapter in my life lasted 6 years and one day I grew the courage to run away to the big apple and start my own journey of adulthood one month shy from my 18th birthday.


Yes I was homeless at some points.. Yes I starved a few days, but i was happy and free as a bird. Enrolled in college and graduated with a triple major in business, marketing and finance. Anything to keep me in my utopia aka college safe haven.


But what I didn’t know was that my monsters followed me into college and i began recreating that abusive relationship. I landed a great job in the financial district as a financial auditor for the New York Mercantile Exchange (now known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange) which I hated and yet am so grateful for that experience. 

Imagine showing up for your interview with an outfit that was more Condenast than stock exchange. My colleagues thought I was the biggest airhead because I had no interest in talking carbs or regulations that made no impact whatsoever.


That plus everything going in my world, I started rebelling again. So I dimmed down and consumed myself with drugs, parties, and cigarettes. Until i realize how i was reacting to life and not at all creating my life the way I dreamed of, making a big difference.


I was making great money, had a great schedule, but I was far off from my definition of success. Instead I was lonely and depressed, afraid of my powers and slowly drowning in my potential. And that’s where my inner work began.


A few years post college I became obsessed with understanding how the inner world creates the outer world. I became obsessed with the human potential and how to awaken it. I spent all my time volunteering in coaching and diving back into my rabbit hole of conspiracy theories.


I was committed to learning the truth about how the laws of the universe affected us, how the law of attraction,  shadow work, energy work, vibration and frequencies .. how ALL of it worked, understanding Magick – the science of how to use the inner mind. Yes I was one of those weirdos!


All this while being insanely committed to the one thing that made my soul come alive – making a difference, being in service to the human potential, and once I added traveling the world and creating art and experiences to that mix — my heart was doing cartwheels.

Yes I love what I do.. I love my life. And yes I am just like you with off days too and my own shit to unravel. But I am living proof that you too can defy any odds, any circumstance. That you can start with nothing and turn your life around. That just like you I had fears and still do. And still only you can stop yourself. You deserve to live a life you love! 

We’re all humans on a unique mission to fulfill. a unique reason for being here, that only you can make happen.


We’re all messengers.

Across different PLATFORMS on a GLOBAL level, whether it’s through speaking, workshops, retreats, events, private one-on-one coaching, energy healing and  DNA activations, group masterminds and online programs, writing books and creating videos/short-films, philanthropy, healer’s circles + moon mixers, business and leadership coaching/consulting, jewelry making, youth speaking, being an entrepreneur, being a friend, a sister, a daughter, a mom, a mystic, a healer, I’m on a mission to raise the vibes of the collective and connect people back to their truth. Im on a mission to awaken and realize the human cosmic potential.  


But yeah I hate titles, its soooo limiting and cheesy.. AND feels restrictive and confining. I’m a vessel that LOVES to create and bring people together ..  And when we come together, our work, our energy amplifies.



Its the Power of One expanding.. more on that in a bit. 


MY JOB IS to inspire you, to motivate you, to be a loving interruption. A catalyst for your growth. My job is to show you that its more than possible and easier than you think. That you are more than ENOUGH

My job is to amplify your gifts so you unleash your magick onto this world. Through our work together, I create a space for you to release and shed old belief patterns that no longer serve you and what you truly want out of life, your vision. Creating a sacred space for you to cocoon and embody the frequency of your dreams to magnetize what you truly desire with flow and ease.. and so much joy!   

Stepping into that dream life that’s calling you… NOW.

The secret to everything is your energy. And there’s a spiritual science to your magick. Your energy is always the cause and the more we learn to dive in and become the alchemist of our dreams, anything is possible.

Here’s to the crazy ones,
The misfits, the rebels,
the troublemakers, the round pegs
In the squares holes… the ones


Who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules…


You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things…


they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. – Steve Jobs


We are all channelers.. we are vessels and these ideas that you have are being called forth on a soul level. The world is waiting for your gifts!

My journey has been a combined effort of my partners and team and their trust and patience with me. 10 years later, I’ve channeled and founded entities like Acid Love, Creating Source LLC, Dignity Universal LLC, Dignity University, and Vote Dignity Foundation — All platforms devoted to the awakening of the human potential and raising global consciousness.

And now I’m officially a landlord (the 401k plan for conscious entrepreneurs), currently finishing our first fix and flip investment property, and about to launch my jewelry.


With SELF LOVE being the root of our success, I wrote and self published ‘108 Self Love Rituals’ – a manual for amplifying your self love. You can purchase on AMAZON by clicking here.

Currently I’m writing ‘The Becoming – 7 Principles for Living Your Truth,’ expected to be out Spring 2019.


Community is everything. And I have a knack for bringing powerful people together. Through both our youth and adult program, community is the ongoing game changer for participants.  I am also the founder of The Higher Council – an underground global annual meet up for leaders of leaders to come together and regenerate. By invite only. 


And because I’m obsessed with bringing leaders together for all things spirituality, healing + transformation, my latest creations include::  

The Metamorphosis – International Retreats for Game Changers (next one is in Bali Oct 4th – 9th.) 

Calling all Healers – a sacred ceremony for healers + lightworkers + volunteers + leaders on a mission.

Acid Love is a non profit devoted to empowering women and children who have survived acid attacks, by providing funds for education and vocational trainings so they can live dignified lives, as well as emotional intelligence workshops to transcend the pain beneath the scars so they can soar from this life altering experience.

To learn on how you can support, click below. 

Vote Dignity is a charity foundation that supports children in orphanages, foster care systems and homeless shelters by providing basic necessities, as well as transformational leadership and emotional intelligence trainings in low income school sectors.

Stay tuned for our fellowship programs for you to join us and share your love and gifts with these amazing children. It truly takes a village and we are on a mission to create a better world for generations to come.  

Creating World Leaders Mentorship is a support system that pairs a teen with a mentor for 8 weeks for the purpose of creating guidance, direction, purpose and focus. 

Creating World Leaders is a flagship program focusing on Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Purpose and Social Responsibility. Empowering our youth to step into their leadership, make a difference with their team, creating real transformation in the world. 

Author of 108 Self Love Rituals

and my upcoming book – The Becoming (Jan 2019)



My latest creation is Calling all Game Changers and Calling all Healers — both entities that serve in bringing people together to awaken to the power of One.



When we awaken to the truth of who we are, the Power of One, we begin to own our blueprint of magick and genius. We’re all healers and lightworkers, some dressed as lawyers, entrepreneurs, hairdressers, immigration officers, flight attendants… others as reiki practitioners, yogis, life coaches, relationship experts, business mavens, regardless of what you do, deep down there’s magick to you. And that light only comes out when we are connected to Spirit, our potential activates, this is when our soul thrives and when we begin to unleash our Magick unto this world. This is why we are here.  

Fun facts about me are that I love music, love dancing, writing, reading, creating, shooting videos. I looove travelling. Currently on a mission to visit the 7 chakras of Pachamama aka Mamma Earth. I’m obsessed with mantras and Icaros, AND reggaeton and house music. I just loooove music.

My first activist event was at the age of 8, which was to speak up against music budget cuts –Yup sacred rebel at heart. I love plant medicines and learning from them. I attract prophets and healers everywhere I go. I have most of Clairs open.. my relationship with Spirit is quite interesting to say the least. 

Love the ocean, the moon, nature, and all things spiritual. I’m a big kid with a huge heart, a prankster, a tree hugger, mom to two pups (max and bear), a mystic, a crazy on a mission, a devotee of the Great Spirit and Supreme Mother (my faith is everything)… and bestfriends with Zella of the Seven Seas.. she’s eight going on 50:)

Sometimes I curse when I get too passionate.. and I care so much that yes I take it personal.

I looove to travel.. (think I said that already lol..  oh and shooting/editing/writing.. my mind thinks in stories. Been writing films since forever.

‘Spirit lead me, —think, do, speak and create through me’ is my motto and favorite prayer that I wake up to every day. That and gratitude all day everyday –Thank you God for blessing me with much more than I deserve.



Thank you! To the mystics, lightworkers, the sacred rebels, to all the creatives, visionaries, the messengers, channels and vessels, to the healers + volunteers on a sacred mission.

Thank you for being here now…

I see you.

I honor you.

I love you.

Looking forward to vibing and playing together.


xo, Michelle Jeovanny