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If you work with Michelle, you will win.

I have been involved in the Transformational education for several years now. In my time of being involved I have searched for leaders in this education for the purpose of further guiding me to produce effective results in my life. I have met several coaches and one being Michelle Lopez.

I would say that Michelle Lopez is one of the most realest, genuine, and spiritual coaches that I have worked with. Working with her, I have been able to excel in my profession as a trainer/coach myself. During the time I also discovered a another view of spiritually.

Michelle Lopez coaches from a very spiritual perspective also which I truly appreciated. Her coaching has opened up my eyes to see things from a “bigger” picture. She stands by her clients and makes sure that they are not waiting around wishing for things to happen, but rather generating action. I would recommend Michelle Lopez to people who are in search of producing results with speed and for people who are in search of deepening their spirituality. If you work with Michelle, you will win. Bottom line.

  • Cesar Ortiz
  • Transformational trainer and ontological coach


Michelle is a powerful healer and coach that creates real transformation.

Michelle is a deep thinker, a researcher, a deep spirit who sees and feels far beyond what is available to the five senses.  She is intuitive and encourages those around her to dig deep in order to understand their Self with more clarity and move forward with a clearer purpose.  She is and has been my blind spot during very confusing, difficult and painful times in my life.  Times when I was short of answers.

I've attended several of her workshops where Michelle's ability to focus her energy deeply helped draw my attention and awareness to my role in the source of it all, empowering me to see how I can create my own reality and experience moments I want to feel and breathe every day.  She is an inspiration to me and so many.  A powerful healer and coach that created real transformation. I love her.

  • Johanna Marchena
  • compliance manager


Michelle is strong, powerful and her work is high quality

Michelle is like saffron or perfume: she comes in a small bottle because she is strong, powerful and her work is high quality.  As a powerful coach there are two things that are special in her: the first one: the passion and energy she gives to her work. So contagious and positive that it creates openness, possibilities and real transformation for those working with her. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel.

The second one is that she can be as brutal and direct as no one else, telling you those things you don’t want to hear in such a caring, loving and selfless way that it actually breaks through any resistance that you might have to let that feedback in and start the process of transformation.  In my case, those brutal words she told me, which now I recall as beautiful and powerful, are part of my toolbox and years later, I still catch myself using those tools and laughing and remembering her with gratitude.

  • Veronica Sarrabayrouse
  • Global Account Executive – VISA EUROPE, Madrid, Spain


Transform your life and uncover what you’re really made of

Working with Michelle and seeing what she has done for me, has allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t know I needed.  Her ability to put into words what I am feeling has helped me transform how I perceive situations in my life.  It has allowed me to be me, and I know she’s got me-just the way I am.

I also love hearing the Astrological components so know what energy to access and when it’s most powerful.  If you’re ready to transform your life and uncover what you’re really made of, step into a transformational game with Michelle.

  • Michelle Goodman
  • Empowerment Coach for Momprenuers


Michelle's energy is contagious while her wisdom is beyond her age

Michelle is truly inspirational and an incredible professional, a powerful coach and guide. She knows how to listen, how to use the right words to dive deep into your innermost thoughts, and to slowly help you find the answers. She uses her wit and charm to get you out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries. With her grace and simplicity, she helps you break down into smaller pieces the most complex of situations. Her energy is contagious while her wisdom is beyond her age.

  • Melyan Guerrero
  • Entrepreneur


Both truthfully sobering and spiritually healing

Michelle Lopez is no nonsense! Her coaching packs a one-two punch that’s both truthfully sobering and spiritually healing. Her love and stand for people calls for greatness out of everyone that surrounds her, and we are all left with a profound sense of freedom, clarity and inner peace just by being in her presence. In a world full of hacks calling themselves mentors and coaches Michelle is the real deal.

  • Gary Montalvo
  • Leadership Coach and Trainer


Michelle inspired my journey in business, self, and love

Michelle has been not only a guide but a friend on my path to consciousness. Her consistency in her own personal journey always inspired me to search for more, and question my purpose. Her programs always leave me enlightened, and elevating my true purpose in this life. She is my go-to guru not only in spirituality, and strength but also in self love, and entrepreneurship.

She has inspired my journey in business, self, and love. I highly recommend anyone looking for answers, or peace to work with this powerful energy worker.  p.s If one gets to meet her in-person you are never the same. Her grounding is what keeps the noise out, and the light in.

  • Stephanie Flor
  • Founder, Around The World Beauty, Makeup artist and beauty influencer


Michelle is a catalyst for growth

Michelle has personally impacted me in numerous ways, she reflects and amplifies my greatest self. She was one of the first people to support me in acknowledging my abilities and encouraging me to take action in bringing them out to the world. It is golden to find people in your corner that are not only your biggest champions but are able to express themselves and give feedback authentically.

If you are fortunate enough to work with her be assured Michelle is a catalyst for growth, she interacts with what she sees, which is the best version of yourself. This supports in creating high performance, results and lasting impact. Be prepared to be challenged and to have your life transformed! Michelle is truly a leader of leaders paving the way.

  • Jaquí Rodriguez
  • Founder of Love Your Curvas, Healer, Empowerment Coach


Step into your truest self and discover your gifts

Michelle is an incredible soul who is completely committed to her calling. She has a gift of tenderly and beautifully calling people forward to their greatest purpose. She holds you in a space where you can completely step into your truest self and discover your gifts. She enlightens, inspires and enhances every life she works with. She has personally guided me through understanding my purpose and unlocking my potential.

She has a beautiful blended understanding of both sacred wisdom and the modern human existence. Combining this wisdom is where she supports you to nurture your body, mind and soul in this modern world.

I cannot recommend working with her enough...

  • Anne-Marie Griffin
  • leadership and empowerment coach risewithannemarie.com


Michelle brings an extraordinary amount of heart, compassion and wisdom

Michelle is one of those women I have a PROFOUND amount of respect for. Not only has she been a student of the work for years, but she continues to sharpen her skills and live and embody all that she teaches. She brings an extraordinary amount of heart, compassion and wisdom to her work, and she is truly someone to watch in this space, as her mission to serve is beyond inspiring!

  • Alexi Panos
  • Leader in the Emergent Wisdom Movement, Author, Humanitarian


The daily practices I’ve discovered for myself through Michelle have been a definite life changer for me.

I’ve known Michelle for a few years now, I first took her adult workshops at Dignity Universal. I was familiar in the transformational world then, but with Dignity I achieved success in a whole different level.

Now, working one on one with Michelle, I’m in wow of how far I’ve come since when I started. She is one of the biggest inspirations thus far. She has seen me in my darkest hours and without judgement, she cares enough about me to call me up. I’m so thankful for having her as a coach, I feel on point and in alignment with who I am and what I’m up to.

The daily practices I’ve discovered for myself through Michelle have been a definite life changer for me. I’m looking forward to my continuous growth and working with Michelle closely!!

  • Virginia Maria Lugo
  • Flight Attendant


Michelle really helped me tap into my greatness and see my circumstances as opportunities for growth

Having Michelle as a coach was truly a pleasure. She really helped me tap into my greatness and see my circumstances as opportunities for growth. Being a woman and Latina, I saw myself in her. I felt at ease when I spoke to her as she always gave me her undivided attention.

Michelle has constantly made herself available when I needed her coaching. I trust her wholeheartedly because she is honest and isn’t afraid to challenge my perspective. I’m super grateful and honored to call her not just a coach but a friend.

  • Armelis D’Orville
  • Photographer


To say that she is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, would be an understatement.

Michelle Lopez has supported, guided, and coached me through many difficult situations and in various areas of life. To say that she is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, would be an understatement. Michelle’s unique approach is a combination of creativity, spirituality, warmth, love, honesty, directness, and “tough love” when need be to have you have a breakthrough in whatever it is that you’re working on. I’ve always felt like to her, me winning in my life has been a priority.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunities to have worked with her, and for all of her awesome coaching. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Lopez to anyone and everyone that is looking to create improvement in their business, relationships, and/or life in general.

  • Yelena Binder Lac
  • LMT, Founder of Cataleya Wellness, Acupuncture and Massage


Michelle made an impact in my career by really digging into my personal life and encouraged me to work from within!

Working with Michelle Jeovanny was truly life changing. When I began working with her, my vision of being an International Youth Speaker was only in the dream stage. Through her heartfelt, tough love, committed approach I was able to push myself and create a plan that Lead me to become the woman  I am today. I say woman, because she made an impact in my career by really digging into my personal life and encouraged me to work from within!

Before the end of her coaching me, I got my first official contract to speak to 4,000 students in The University of Guayaquil, Ecuador!  This was only the beginning of an amazing career. Very grateful for her commitment to my success!

  • Rossmery Gomez
  • Youth International Speaker, Radio Show Host