Hello March – Full moon prep

Mar 1, 2018

It’s March 1st and we dive into this full moon in Virgo. We are all sensible in some ways to all the piscean energy still flowing. We were all feeling what needed to be felt in order to heal and rise from within.

And now, with the rising tides in this virgo energy, today brings up a lot of leadership energy in channeling our knowing when it comes to our love in service… our love in action, how we are to be used to serve the greater collective.

And yet, parallel to that, the habits that get in our way are being highlighted so we consciously choose to detox, heal and move into action towards what matters most. Saturn reminding us also to take our time for there’s no need to rush on the matters of the soul.

The ego can run wild and crazy, and yet still it operates within the parameters of the soul. The soul is always in charge even when we choices lead us astray in our thinking.

Because of the degrees that virgo is in, the number formation are master numbers that in numerology represents awakenings, higher consciousness, and the opening of portals into higher realms and dimensions.


Intuition is at an all time high. Portals to higher realms are wide open.

Focus on the magic you want to create and bring forth into the world.

Focus on the practicalities of life that you are being guided to digest, resolve and integrate.

If you are resisting certain things in life that are coming up for you, as we are all hyper sensitive right now, drop into compassion and the understanding that your soul is creating everything that’s happening for you to grow, learn, and evolve. So fly above the rising tides, and see the bigger picture with the hawk’s perspective. All of it is happening for you.

Virgo is asking us what are the energies we have been absorbing and are they truly supporting us and the vision our hearts desire. Dive into the wheel of life and take inventory in the realms of health, wealth, love and intimacy, family and friendships, career and purpose, adventure, spirituality and learning.

What is working?

What’s needed to take this specific area in life to the next level?

And on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level, what is needed in order to create a sense of balance, joy, peace and wellbeing?

Are we exposing ourselves to the energies we wish to become?

What in life do you get to digest and integrate as Virgo in the body represents our stomach and digestive system?

Virgo is the architect of all dreams because of it’s special gift to integrate new ideas.

****For tonight carve some time out to write down your dreams, to nourish your soul with some awesome food, and to meditate as you visualize your dreams coming true with each mindful breath you take during your meditation.

If you need support meditating, try a guided one by Deva Premal called Gayatri Mantra or Ra Ma Da Sa Se So hum. You can find those two and many more in Youtube. Just play it and close your eyes, tune into each breathe and see your visions coming alive… see each dream manifesting as you take each breathe.

Just by asking to be guided, we can tune into the ancient wisdom within that’s waiting to be revealed to us.

May you dive into the magic swirling inside you and unleash it forward.