the last dance

May 1, 2020

I have so much to share on this documentary from so many angles…so many lessons can be extracted from this 4 part documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

And we will definitely dissect this in parts, but for now I want to share a very personal story.

What I never expected was my subconscious mind to unlock so many memories of my dad. You see, my parents separated when I was 6 and we never saw him again.

And because I was a very spoiled little daddy’s girl, I was crushed. As a result my subconscious mind blocked all of my memories with my dad.

My uncle would share stories in disbelief that I had no memory of who my father was for me. He would say, ‘Michelle you idolized him.’ And I would shrug my shoulders with no connection to this man.

And so here I was watching this documentary, seeing all these old games. I loved and idolized Michael Jordan… had every sneaker, his jersey, and really loved how insane he was as a basketball player. Everybody loved Jordan. He was iconic.

When Jordan retired I made a conscious decision as a teenager to retire from watching basketball. I know, I know… I take loyalty to another level.

But here’s what I discovered for myself… you see I didn’t know Jordan played since 1980. My father was a sports fanatic. He loved watching basketball and baseball. And watching sports with him was our thing. I had no idea that I’ve been watching Jordan since the womb, and as a baby all the way up until he retired.

I kept watching Jordan play because subconsciously that was my only connection to my father.

And so here I was getting chills, as I’m watching this documentary, getting flashbacks of my dad going nuts when MJ scored, high-fiving me and throwing me in the air with so much joy and excitement. So many memories unlocked of my older brothers watching the games with us.

I just loved seeing that man so happy and sports gave us that bonding moment.

With these memories resurfacing there’s so much love and compassion for all the dads out there doing the best they can with what they know.

I’m always fascinated with how things connect and how there’s always layers to this spiral of awakening and journey of self realization. I’m curious and excited to see the fruits that come from unlocking all these memories with my father.

Sending you all so much love today… may we be bold and brave enough to lean in and claim our expansion in every moment.

Loving you!