New Moon magick

Mar 4, 2019

#NewMoon in Pisces… my moon is in Pisces and this is in addition to my water trine is what amplifies my Clair abilities and my gifts of prophecy, psychic and mediumship. 

((( In deep stillness we emerge. )))

So many of us living on the shallow waters of our magnificence. Afraid to leave the comforts of the shore.. we attach to anything that gives us certainty, validation and often confuse being in control with a false illusory power. 

But in reality the deeper we dive in, the more we realize life is but a dream. 

A dream that flourishes from the depths of our soul, from the psyche of our hearts. 

As we get ready to gear up for the new year in astrology, we begin to plan and attune to the desires embedded within our grand master plan with a new found respect and eagerness to embrace what we don’t know we don’t know.. the uncharted territory within us. 

Even if we don’t know cause sometimes the human in us can get so fixed with confusion on what the plan actually is, but even when we think we don’t know, the soul is always in charge and will continuously create the scenarios required for us to step forth and recalibrate accordingly. 

You see it’s our frequency that dictate our timelines and the quantum speed in which we manifest what we truly desire. 

A lot of the times those circumstances are simply offering a portal. 

The portal is often disguised as a problem. With mercury in retrograde there may be some old chapters that resurface for us to reframe with a new fresh perspective. 

With mercury in a conjunction with Neptune for most of March let’s be open minded as we start seeing the bigger plan unfolding. 

This new moon is also in a conjunction with Neptune. Fundamental changes are on their way but it may be exactly what we need to zoom in with a focused action plan. 

It’s time to dive in deeper. -What does that look like? 

It’s time live by our rules. -What does this mean to you? 

It’s time embody our own version of what freedom looks and feels like. 
-What does FREEDOM look and feel like to you? 

It’s time to unleash our full creative potential. -What endeavor excites you the most right now? 

Sending luv and massive gratitude! 

Let’s dive deep.