New Moon in Taurus

May 5, 2019

Coming to you live from 30k feet in the air!! (I mean WiFi across the ocean on route to Sydney has been stronger than my home ? )

Taurus is known for being creatures of comfort, love and beauty. Ruled by Venus so they’re always looking to share their love, despite their stubborn ways.

The bull is known as the symbol of true wealth and abundance.

Royalty by nature, we all have that infinite abundance and higher wisdom flowing through our veins.

And yet true growth requires a lot of letting go. To grow means to unlearn, to make sacrifices, to be vulnerable and build an ongoing relationship with uncertainty.

Real growth means we risk and risk and risk all over again, leaving the familiarity of our comfort zone. True growth requires patience, pain, joy, and a whole lot of compassion.

We are all experiencing a metamorphosis, the kind of transformation that has us walk through a portal with our lives forever altered.

It’s as if we are walking into a whole new world we have birthed over the last couple of months. But when we look in the mirror, we notice our reflection is unrecognizable, we feel the rawness of our growth.

With Saturn and Pluto in a trine, we are being catapulted forward into a new bold version of ourselves.

All the work has now culminated into a seasonal change. Spring is here and we have never been this ready for what we are calling forth!

So for today and the next couple days take a luv scan, where you check in with your heart.

? What do you love about your life right now and what parts are calling forth more love and beauty? More tending to so growth can take place more effortlessly?

? Fast forward to the end of your life, looking backwards, what have you created if you knew you couldn’t fail, what is on your heart?

? What truly matters to you right now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

This is the time to start building for our long term future, for the seeds we plant now will go far.

Just remember true growth requires bringing all parts of ourselves, being and focus, here and now, committed to the end game… no matter what.

It’s time to face off with our truth and lead with our heart and soul embedded in every decision.

Let’s dream bigger than ever and take massive action from the heart. The era of the Monarch has begun.

‘Only from the Heart can you touch the Sky.’ -Rumi

Luv you all!