FULL MOON IN SCORPIO and the last Supermoon of 2020

May 7, 2020

This moon is also known as the flower moon and buddha moon. But before we go into the blooming and enlightenment aspect of this moon (watch out for part 2 of this email) we get to prime the soil and really dive in.

Hello shadows… let’s talk INTEGRATION.

Every single human being has shadows. It’s part of the emotional pain body that comes with being human or what some people call that divine dissatisfaction, that eternal void we feel from being incarnated in this body.

So often we get wrapped up with trying to tame and harness the power of the conscious mind with goals, setting intentions and affirmations, but we find ourselves stuck in loops because we are not addressing the power of the subconscious mind that is ruling most of our thoughts and emotions, as it controls the entire narrative.

Scorpio full moons tend to unearth our shadows for us to reclaim the power of our full self expression. Under the spell of this full moon we can face many ego deaths as we bring into the light the parts of us that cringe in the light.

I really believe we’ve been subconsciously doing a lot of that as the quarantine continues. Facing uncertainty tends to undo all that needs to be undone.

So let’s break this down a bit.

Every person operates within a story. A story that the subconscious mind has already decided to be true. A story that validates the pain and struggle, the joy and accomplishments, but also the relationships dynamics that keep playing out.

As the subconscious mind continues gathering the evidence to continue proving the story, the human can often times find themselves in frustration not knowing how to break free from the story they have created.

And here is when the real work begins… Seeing our pain and resisting the need to fix, heal, suppress or power through your pain. To the depth that you are able to sit with your emotional pain body in observation and self acceptance will determine how high you rise in your personal freedom.

Can you allow your emotions, your energy to speak and share what’s really coming up for you without getting frustrated or deflecting feeling the actual pain that is in your cellular memory.

Where do you feel inadequate and what have you made it mean about yourself or your relationships?

Use the power of your frustrations, sadness, depression, anger — use the power of your emotions to guide you in the contrast. There’s so much information in the contrast.

Scorpio being a water sign is about cleansing and letting die the old versions of us that no longer serve. But I invite you to journal today on what those emotional wounds and old stories are that get to be released once and for all under this Supermoon for who you to bloom who you are destined to become.

Sometimes releasing those old emotional wounds takes a lot of courage to grieve old identities, as we prime the energy and space for what’s already there to emerge.

I have been mourning old identities in full transparency. As the memories of my dad resurfaced, I have been mourning the identity of the little girl who believed she was not worthy of love. She needed to prove she was worthy of love through her successes. That girl kept me safe and guarded, only sharing my love and silly ways with a select few.

It’s interesting how everything connects… the moment these memories unlocked for me, I feel different, feeling really grounded in myself and really unattached to things and people. I packed my entire closet and even my altar has lost its meaning and purpose.

Gone are the days of holding on to anything for safety and security… our real freedom lies in mastering ourself and utilizing the power of our imagination to cultivate the life we’ve always dreamed of from the inside out.

May you be gentle with yourself… and use this time to really asses what’s here for you as you reap the medicine and magick of your shadows!

Stay tuned for part 2.

All my love