Meet your messenger,
Michelle Jeovanny.

The conduit and catalyst for your
greatest becoming.

By definition, life is a game of self-discovery. We
get caught up in the maintenance of it, so much
that we forget to live. We forget to dive deeper, we
forget to unturn the stones and claim our greatest
becoming. For the last 12 years, I’ve been doing just
that, for myself and others.

I’m a proud Latina, dreamer, investor,
game-changer, money multiplier, and spiritual
conduit. I’m a trajectory director and lifestyle
bricklayer, demolishing personal blockages
standing in the way of our success, and laying the
foundation for transformation. I encourage you to
break free of the matrix and all your self imposed limitations. And get back to loving the life you live
with impact, influence and sacred devotion.

Meet your messenger,
Michelle Jeovanny

As a master coach, healer, speaker, and

facilitator of transcendent workshops,
I prove
that true joy and success in life,
business, love,
and self is an inside job.
When we shatter our
old patterns, we
create new channels. When
we heal old
wounds, we reverberate off that
tissue, launching headfirst into our own

boundless possibility.

Build an empire. Smile more. Create
wealth. Live your purpose,
Make an impact.
Access your power. Share your magick.

Let me be the guide to your best self.



20 years ago I ran away and chose to be homeless…
jumped on a one way plane to NY from Dominican
Republic, and there began one crazy and wild
adventure, a dance between light and shadows.

You think you’re over the nightmare the moment you
run away and make it to safe lands. But you are so wrong. I was 17 when I ran away, unaware of all my
wounding and wiring that came with me, is when the journey of awakening and activating my transformation and deepest healing began. I realized that the freedom I craved only came from diving into the mastery of inner work and facing head on the things I had mastered avoiding by numbing and controlling.

After college began my obsession with Metaphysics, Manifestation and Quantum living. I started applying the teachings to my life and in less than a year noticed my life turn upside down. I got laid off as a financial auditor in the New York Mercantile Exchange, now known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 2008, which led me to find my dream job as life coach and facilitator of personal development work. And talk about going all in, I let go of everything. I let go of my apartment, my car, expired relationships, bad vices, and all the distractions to fully submerge myself in this calling to serve people as a clear channel and guide.

I now understood why I had to hit rock bottom multiple times. I saw my life transform on so many levels from mindset to material abundance. I fell in love with this work and knew I had to dive in deeper. I became a certified facilitator of personal development & mastery, and a certified life & business coach in 2011. I became certified in NLP in 2012 and a Reiki Level II in 2018. I studied Matrix Energetics and became a certified DNA Activation Practitioner in 2019-. Currently studying Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. In 2010 I studied with the best in ontological coaching and life spring technology, and then discovered spirituality was not separate from transformation but go hand in hand… I was initiated by the main Hindu Guru under Shiva in India and then as a Deeksha Energy Blessing Giver in Oneness University.

There began my obsession with the science behind spirituality… the intersection between noetic science, spirituality, metaphysics, manifestation and quantum living… or better said the emergent wisdom of the Great Spirit flowing through us all. #OBSESSED

In the last 10 years I’ve been busy… serving people across the globe, both the youth and adults, learning and deepening my craft, being a clear channel, a conduit for healing and guidance. I speak at organizations, companies, schools, colleges, and conferences that want extraordinary, achieving real success and happiness in life, business and relationships. Here in MJ world, we have a big mission on our hearts to inspire people to live the life that most fulfills and inspires them.

I love working with people who are
truly committed
to their next level and
know they are here to serve on a big

level. Doing the inner work is not
always easy…
but I promise you if you
are truly committed, then
together we
will create magick.