We are here to play the game of vibration..  

What does that even mean?  To PLAY! To CREATE. To EXPRESS our love + joy through our creations. We’re here to play, when our work becomes play, we thrive.  When we thrive, our community thrives. The whole world thrives. 

The goal becomes to design + embody the frequency of our dream life so that we manifest and allow what we truly desire with ease and joy.  

My job is to remind that who you are is more than enough. That there is more to you and your life. That you deserve to live a life you LOVE. 

My job is to AMPLIFY your gifts, creating the space for you to OWN who you really are.  To activate and unleash your personal energetic blueprint for JOY + FREEDOM, and ultimately YOUR definition of SUCCESS. 

My mentorships are for those ready to get real about their transformation. The spiritual clarity created will move you to spirit led tasks that will set your dream life in motion. You will be held accountable in a new way that has you take full ownership for what you are creating.


 There a few ways below to play with me. Some are ready right now with digital programs that I’ve created for people to get started right away on their journey of up leveling their lives from the inside out.

I love one on one coaching but I am very selective with who I work with as I only take a few clients over year. A next level commitment and  being a 100% stand to causing your own breakthroughs is a prerequisite.  I’m excited to jam with you! You’ll find me on ig a lot too. 

Book a 15 minute consultation and get ready to go quantum!

Think Big Success Kit is a digital course to create and embody your very own energetic blueprint for success.

Learn to cultivate and magnetize with ease the energy field of your definition of success.

BONUS content for you to embody love, health, wealth and massive success.


The Dream Big Youth Kit is a youth’s leadership manifesto to creating an epic year and life.

This is the perfect blueprint for Tweens + Teenagers to dive in and ask themselves the powerful questions that will start fueling the thoughts and patterns to create their success.

This is a perfect family bonding ritual to do together. Made for teens, adult friendly (parents and faculty approve).  


A one on one  high level partnership is where we dive into your business entity from the inside out.  

Receive high level biz strategy paired up with weekly accountability to ensure you are creating the freedom and the impact you desire to lead with.

Designed for conscious business entrepreneurs, visionaries, influencers, coaches, healers, mystics, for leaders of leaders looking to create and embody their next level now.

Rapid results.. a total life and biz makeover.  

** Sign up for a 15 minute consultation to discuss this opportunity to work together and create real results in your business.  

Spiritual mentorship is a 6 month intensive where you, your spirit guides and I deep dive into the inner mastery of what it takes to create and unleash the blueprint of your soul.

Living a life where you experience freedom, joy, love, connection + abundance is an inside job and it begins with building a strong spiritual foundation of truly knowing yourself at your deepest core.   

You will walk away with real tangible results and real life transformation.

Live a life you love. Be inspired by who you be in this world. 

** Sign up for a 15 minute consultation to discuss your goals and see if we’re a match.  

One on one sessions are reserved for clients who are looking for an individual intuitive session.  


Designed to create deep clarity and provide guidance from channeled messages from your inner source being and spirit guides. 

Here you will have the opportunity to share and ask questions that are specific to your needs and intended desires.

Then you will receive guidance on steps to take to navigate through any internal blocks or external circumstances. 

**Book your intuitive session today.

Michelle is one of those women I have a PROFOUND amount of respect for. Not only has she been a student of the work for years, but she continues to sharpen her skills and live and embody all that she teaches. She brings an extraordinary amount of heart, compassion and wisdom to her work, and she is truly someone to watch in this space, as her mission to serve is beyond inspiring!

Working with Michelle and seeing what she has done for me, has allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t know I needed.  Her ability to put into words what I am feeling has helped me transform how I perceive situations in my life.  It has allowed me to be me, and I know she’s got me-just the way I am.

I also love hearing the Astrological components so know what energy to access and when it’s most powerful.  If you’re ready to transform your life and uncover what you’re really made of, step into a transformational game with Michelle.

Having Michelle as a coach was truly a pleasure. She really helped me tap into my greatness and see my circumstances as opportunities for growth. Being a woman and Latina, I saw myself in her. I felt at ease when I spoke to her as she always gave me her undivided attention.

Michelle has constantly made herself available when I needed her coaching. I trust her wholeheartedly because she is honest and isn’t afraid to challenge my perspective. I’m super grateful and honored to call her not just a coach but a friend.

Michelle has personally impacted me in numerous ways, she reflects and amplifies my greatest self. She was one of the first people to support me in acknowledging my abilities and encouraging me to take action in bringing them out to the world. It is golden to find people in your corner that are not only your biggest champions but are able to express themselves and give feedback authentically.

If you are fortunate enough to work with her be assured Michelle is a catalyst for growth, she interacts with what she sees, which is the best version of yourself. This supports in creating high performance, results and lasting impact. Be prepared to be challenged and to have your life transformed! Michelle is truly a leader of leaders paving the way.

Michelle is an incredible soul who is completely committed to her calling. She has a gift of tenderly and beautifully calling people forward to their greatest purpose. She holds you in a space where you can completely step into your truest self and discover your gifts. She enlightens, inspires and enhances every life she works with. She has personally guided me through understanding my purpose and unlocking my potential.

She has a beautiful blended understanding of both sacred wisdom and the modern human existence. Combining this wisdom is where she supports you to nurture your body, mind and soul in this modern world.

I cannot recommend working with her enough…

Michelle has been not only a guide but a friend on my path to consciousness. Her consistency in her own personal journey always inspired me to search for more, and question my purpose. Her programs always leave me enlightened, and elevating my true purpose in this life. She is my go-to guru not only in spirituality, and strength but also in self love, and entrepreneurship.

She has inspired my journey in business, self, anda love. I highly recommend anyone looking for answers, or peace to work with this powerful energy worker.  p.s If one gets to meet her in-person you are never the same. Her grounding is what keeps the noise out, and the light in.

Michelle Lopez has supported, guided, and coached me through many difficult situations and in various areas of life. To say that she is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, would be an understatement. Michelle’s unique approach is a combination of creativity, spirituality, warmth, love, honesty, directness, and “tough love” when need be to have you have a breakthrough in whatever it is that you’re working on. I’ve always felt like to her, me winning in my life has been a priority.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunities to have worked with her, and for all of her awesome coaching. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle Lopez to anyone and everyone that is looking to create improvement in their business, relationships, and/or life in general.