Every next level is going to require a new you.

 Join us on this mission of awakening and diving into living our best life NOW, from the INSIDE OUT.  Top Female Speaker and Experiential Facilitator, Michelle creates an experience for her participants to remember who they are and why they are here. 





7 Countries.

29 Cities.

And counting. 


This event was everything. It’s not just a class, its experiential. You are doing the actual work and Michelle guides you in a way that is so powerful and up leveling in every way. You walk out feeling transformed. I feel lighter and lit up about life, like my whole being is on fire every time I attend one of her workshops.

J. Marchena

Remy Compliance Manager

For ages mystics, healers and spiritual leaders have known about the powerful energy behind each lunar phase. They understood our soul’s purpose was all about growth, expansion, evolution, celebrating our greatest becoming.  Spirituality is a deep intimacy with Spirit as the foundation of creating anything in our lives. And the moon can be a powerful amplifier when we choose to harness its energy intentionally.

Come vibe with a powerful community of light workers at my moon mixers. The purpose is to dive in, clear, invoke, embody and cultivate the energy of what you desire to manifest next in your life under the different lunar phases. When you join us, you’ll understand why I’m so passionate about the Sun, Moon, and all planets.

Full Moons are known for it’s cleansing, shedding and healing power. The high tides amplify our emotions so that our bodies flush whatever needs to be felt and healed. This lunar cycle allows us to call back our power to us. With the purpose of releasing all that’s no longer serving us and what we are up to in the world.

New Moons offer specific portals to invoking the frequency of our desires. It’s the dreamer’s moon to play big with your magic wand and ask the Universe for what you truly want to manifest. These heightened sensibilities open up a cosmic portal for us to channel our desires from a place of pure potentiality aka infinite possibilities.

Each Solstice has unique gifts for us, offering medicine for the soul. With unique messages that unfolds. They represent a shifting of the seasons both in the inner and outer world. At times bringing death and renewal, rebirth and harvesting. Healing circles during the equinox are sacred. Transformative. Regenerating.

Our Transformational Workshops combine different modalities from Personal Development, Leadership training, Eastern and Western Spiritual Practices, Ancient Healing Modalities, Energy Work, Transpersonal Psychology, Breathwork, Movement, Journaling, Intuitive Coaching, and Meditation.

These Intensives offer sacred spaces for you and your higher self to clear and rewrite subconscious belief patterns and ignite your soul’s personal blueprint into action with clarity, focus, and a solid rooted intention.

Radical Freedom is 3 hr transformational workshop designed to create clarity and conviction towards the unfolding of your soul’s unique personal blueprint of success. This evening workshop integrates Movement, Meditation, Transformational Coaching, and worksheets that has you leave excited with clarity, purpose, power and focus.

Alchemy is a one day immersion designed to have you alchemize your inner blocks for the purpose of liberation. You will leave feeling empowered and on your way to unleashing your blueprint of freedom, abundance, connection and joy. This sacred intensive integrates experiential exercises, transformational coaching, energy work, spaces to integrate teachings, movement, dance, breathwork, meditations, and rituals to embody the frequency of your desires so that you magnetize your dreams and goals with ease and grace.

Alchemy is a 2 day intensive transformational training designed to have you experience and create the evidence of what’s possible when you lead with Truth and Sacred Power. You will learn the distinctions of Faith & Frquency, having you apply in real time the inner work to cultivate your energy field aka your inner sacred garden. You will leave inspired and clear on what your gifts are. This training combines different healing modalities and personal development distinctions, experiential exercises, transformational coaching, energy work, sacred rituals, movement, dance, meditations and breathwork, as well as a cacao ceremony, all designed to activate and amplify your gifts.

Retreats offer a sacred space to dive in and do the work, to activate your spiritual gifts, and regain the clarity, intention, focus, and vibrational frequency to take your life to the next level. Regenerate and recharge. Spend time with you and your higher self. Build the intimate and deep connection with your inner source being. Get pampered in a luxurious stay and immerse yourself with classic excursions and sightseeing. All while doing sacred inner work to level up in every area of your life. Deep dive with healers, coaches, and experts in different areas of life. Give yourself the gift of a vacation with purpose and a lasting impact.

Calling All Healers is a one day retreat for healers, mystics, teachers, coaches, influencers, entrepreneurs, leaders of leaders who are looking for a transformational sacred space to dive in and regenerate so that you build a stronger body to create and sustain the outflow of your medicine and what you are creating.