Winners are uncivilized

May 15, 2020

When I heard that quote from my mentor, I felt that deep. My mind was like wtf do you mean be uncivilized?! How is that winning?! *judgements creeped in. Skepticism amplified.

But then I got it.

See most people want to fit in so badly.Most people want to belong so badly that they become common among the common.

->They marginalize who they truly are to fit the mold society is comfortable with.

Mediocre loves mediocre.

In fact mediocre cringes when the uncommon people come along and stand out.

‘There must be something wrong with them,’ says the average mind.

The average mind projecting their own self judgments of themselves, looking for something to tarnish in that person’s being because their ways stand out.

Choose your environments wisely.

The plant can only grow as big as the pot permits. A baby shark in a tank will only grow in proportion to the space the tank allots.

->We will only grow as much as we believe and see is possible.

Turn inward.
Train your mind to seek the impossible.
Activate that dream that keeps you up.
Dive in and awaken your potential.
Get a dope ass mindset coach/mentor to support you.

Cannot wait to see you/me/we break through those ceilings and upper limiting beliefs.

✨If you’re ready to step in and activate your potential and purpose with a master coach that has REAL RESULTS and not some fake vogue Instagram page, dm me… I have space for two 1:1 clients.✨

So the question becomes are you good with dying average, piling up the long list of regrets of shoulda, coulda, woulda… dying a slow death.


It’s time to go after the impossible and become unstoppable!

Loving you