What this is all about

Mar 27, 2020

This is a war on consciousness.

Your consciousness.

How can we track and profit from you? How can we monitor and manipulate you? How can we censor and control you? How can we lie to keep people asleep to their own power and purpose?

Turning a blind eye and getting defensive doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Being rooted in a spiritual practice or morning rituals that ground and uplift you, and being rooted in tribe and community is everything.. if you are not serving and doing your part, then you may be reacting to external stimulus embedded in your everyday reality coming from your phones and your TVs and media.

Fear is pulsing through the collective as millions are struggling right now.

This is not to instill fear but to urge you to own your power.


By taking back control of your attention, your energy, your focus.

Easier said than done. I know. But this is the practice. And your mind is the battleground. Your mindset. Your energy. Your attention and awareness is the commodity. This is vital.

This war is about your focus. Robbing you from presence and manipulating you through fear.

If only you knew how powerful you truly are. How powerful we, together, united can be.

If only you knew how through our consciousness we are either actively co-creating our intentions…

Or we are asleep to our own power and by default creating and reacting to an ancient agenda already in place.

Start asking questions. Follow the money. Then choose. For yourself.

Choose what this ‘time’ in quarantine will be for you.

We can only create a new system if we focus all of our attention on building a new one.

Start now.

Take back the power of your focus. What will you create?

And if you’re looking for a powerful mentor to hold you accountable to your greatness message me.

I got you! Hit reply if you are serious about making an impact, serving the world through your gifts, for a free 15 min consultation to see if we’re a match! I will hold you accountable to unleashing your greatness! Cause the world so needs it right now.. as I’m sure you’re feeling the call.

Loving you!