Welcome to Hunger Games

Apr 17, 2020

Welcome to the Hunger Games and my question is who will you be?

More than 15 million people have not had income in a month. Schools shut down for the year. Small businesses closed forever.

Circumstances feel heavy. If your loved ones were hungry, what would you do? I know the matrix is an illusion but what do you do for the collective that’s suffering, esp since we’re all connected energetically.

It’s easy for ascension queens to say sit and meditate.

‘Remember who you are’ and all those awesome sayings that I often say myself.

I say this to remind you the resistance just keeps it all in place, the judgement further perpetuating feeling trapped and frustrated.

This isn’t a time to bs. Yes we can offer you meditations and free guided inner work but until you do the actual work NOTHING WILL WORK.

Especially if you don’t trust yourself.

And after 36yrs of age, that programming becomes old, habituated patterns and you keep creating more of the same, hoping and wishing for something more.

The anxiety won’t go away. It gets louder until you’re forced to go within and level up.

And because we all have blind spots and shadows, hiring a coach, a mentor is vital. It gets you accountable to a bigger game the moment you commit to sharing your greatness.

In order to transform your circumstances we get to go within. So roll up your energetic sleeves, put your big girl pants on and GET IN THE GAME!

No better time than now when the world is being accelerated into a full-blown digital era.

Through this reset it’s the survival of the fittest. Will you adapt? Resist?

Will you do whatever it takes to succeed for you, your family, and tribe?

Will you get out of your own way?

Will you decide and finally commit?

Where the world is headed we’re going to need all hands on deck, all people sharing their medicine and serving in their own unique way. It’s the only way to really free yourself from the matrix.

Success is an inside job and it will always depend on you. Nobody is coming to save you.

***Email me if you’re ready for next-level accountability and mentorship. I have 3 spaces for 1:1 clients ready to unleash your magick! Let’s do this!