The Greatest?

Jul 26, 2016

Was Ali the greatest fighter of all time?  “I am the greatest, I said that before I knew I was. I figured if I said it enough times, I would convince the world I really was the greatest.”  

As he enters the ring and walks up to Frazier and says to him with a grin, “You know you’re in the ring with God tonight.” We all as humans have an element of self hatred .. Our ego disguising itself as a self protector never unveiling its true nature of self loathing.

In a time when the African American man was conditioned to feel like he was less than, to experience his life as a 2nd class citizen, Ali brought a self expression that was confident, fresh, and thought provoking.

So was he the greatest fighter? We’ll get back to that… “I don’t count situps. I only count the ones that hurting, because those are the only ones that count. That’s what makes you a champion.” As his declaration of his own greatness walked in front of him, so did his work ethic walk parallel. He began training like never before. Your talk is cheap without committed action behind it. You want to be the best, speak it, and then take the committed action that is alignment with being the greatest. Out work everyone including yourself. Out work what your ego thinks its limits are bound by.

Was he the greatest fighter of all time? Wait. Hold on. As his evolution as a man took shape he began to shift his attention to others. “I wish people would love others the way they love me. The world would be a better place.” This was a transcendence from self promotion to love for others.

There was nothing left to prove of his own self worth. When you love yourself you don’t have to prove anything. Your focus shifts to the people. How can you be in service to others?

Was he the greatest fighter ever? To claim that Ali was the greatest fighter of all time is a false narrative. I reject the question. Because the question itself doesn’t hold within it or exemplify the great human being that Ali was. Like all great men evolve, so do great nations. Ali shifted a nation, a young America that was still trying to find itself. Were we truly a country of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL MAN? He changed the conversation. It was no longer about white vs black, champion vs non champion .. It was, Who are you? Who are you when no one is looking? Do you have the courage to see your greatness without the evidence? Do have the tenacity to stay up and burn the midnight oil until the work is done? Or will you quit before your own greatness arrives knocking at your door?

And should you be so fortunate that your greatness arrives to not just you, but to all others that recognize you, will you take your notoriety and bring it back to the people? Will you love them the way you love yourself? Will you love yourself the way they love you? Will your life on your deathbed be reflected by you as a life where you only helped yourself, or in those last minutes will you remember and look back on all the things you did for others?

The greatest currency there is in this world is how we affect people. I wish you all the money and fame so that you can realize that there’s no cheese down that path. The only prize is oneness. The only glory is love, joy and service.

People don’t need to see your greatest, they need to experience their own. Pranam to the great Ali, I bow my head with reverence to this warrior poet.

Was he the greatest fighter? Yes. But not for what you’re thinking before you read this. He was the greatest fighter for the greatness of himself and what he declared he could become. He was the greatest fighter of his fellow man and what they could become. He was the greatest fighter for those that don’t believe yet. He was the greatest fighter for those who haven’t taken the first step yet.

In honor of the great Ali take 1 action. Take 1 action towards your own greatness. What is the 1 thing that you haven’t done that you know in your heart of hearts that if you did will transform your life forever? Do it. Be the champ, be the greatest fighter for the things that matter to you ..