The first official Monday of spring 2020

Mar 23, 2020

Welcome to the first official Monday of spring 2020, (cough) our quarantine spring edition my Doulas! It’s a time of renewal they say, but we’ve been initiated by a season of rebirth.

And we are deep in it, deep in the polarity that occurs right before the new emerges, we are all in the waiting room, awaiting the birth of a new era.

So much is happening right now behind the scenes. The veil is full of static as people settle into the tides of drastic change. It’s happening and there’s no way we can stop the current.

But we can learn from the contrast… we can all lean into the moment. We can breathe in, activating the lightness as we embrace this moment as another moment in time.

We can all grow and learn to meet ourselves in others as we face off and fold back into ourselves.

We can learn to meet ourselves in the contrast with love and compassion.

We can all breathe deeper and finally practice all the rituals and finish all the things we’ve been meaning to.

New moon is tomorrow and Aries season is upon us.

It’s a time to initiate.
New beginnings.
New chapters.
New space.

Aries is about setting in motion a personal vision that ignites us into action.

Yup we know things are weird right now.

But will you make each day count no matter what?

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Will you exercise courage in the face of uncertainty and claim your new goals, declare your new chapter?

We are all doulas right now.. feeling the birthing pains of change, of renewal and rebirth.

With the same 24 hours of uncertainty upon us in quarantine mode, every moment filled with possibility, how will you make your time count?

And guess what… the one that does the most is not the winner this time around.

It all starts with a choice. Start with your vision.. 6 months from now what matters most and what have you created? How did you make it count? Write it. See it. Feel it. Believe. Then ask your vision what 3 actions to take today.

Remember we’re planting seeds with every thought, word, and deed.

Loving you fam!