Release Before Renewal

Apr 25, 2017

Tis the season of letting go and for some it can feel scary, for others a necessity. We often dream of celebrating our destination, but fret when life reminds us that it’s time to let go and unload.

Spring cleaning fevers take over, our spaces both inner and outer, looking to be decluttered in order to create space.

Attachments can be self serving at times, if not most. They often overburden and exhaust us from all the carrying. We carry stories, we carry relationships, beliefs, and material items that have accumulated and have been outgrown over time.

We all say we want change… the change that comes with a glorious day, the change that comes with a victory dance, with high fives and million dollar cheers…

But not everyone is willing to dive in and do the inner work that involves the change that comes with letting go.

So how do we honor the cycles of release?
How do we let go to renew?

The first place to start is with VISION.

You see vision has a powerful effect over us. It gives us courage to let go. It serves multiple purposes. One as an anchor keeping us grounded in our ability to discern possibilities into opportunities. Our vision also serves as a propeller. Our beliefs pushing us towards the power of our dreams, towards the power of our vision that lies within us to make it happen.

Once we get clear of our vision, we then take inventory. We begin the process of ASSESSMENT… getting real with ourselves. The gap between where we are and where we want to be holds golden information. The GAP reveals what’s in the way… what habits are not working, what belief patterns are no longer serving us, what relationships and clutter is taking up idol space, what parts have become stagnant.

This information also tells us what kind of relationship with ourselves, with others, what beliefs and habits will serve to strengthen our vision and our ability to reach it. The gap is where the gold mining takes place.

The third step is the actual process of MINING. We reach the gold mines by digging and extracting. We reach the diamonds through the process of mining. To recap these engineers first assess the grounds for any physical obstacles ONLY after they determine the vision of what’s possible in these very grounds. Remember the vision gives you the courage to let go.


The mining process is the letting go cycle. The extraction of physical obstacles, the dirt, the rocks, the ‘stuff’ that’s between you and your goal. We begin the process of letting go of all the things in the way. We create space to hold in our lives the things our vision is speaking into our soul.

We let go of beliefs, habits, relationships, thoughts, language and begin to replace it with new beliefs, new thoughts, language, habits, transforming relationships that serve this vision calling us into our highest becoming.

The vision reminds us there’s something magical in store for us. And to the degree we listen to and obey this calling, will be the degree of which we move inward and do the shadow work, the assessment and mining of what the GAP is showing us. This assessment and mining piece is what we call FAITH-IN-ACTION.

The letting go phase is a sign of our faith, of our obedience that yes we are listening, we are faithful in this vision that’s calling us to let go and make room for what is coming. That might mean letting go of that job, letting go of that toxic relationship, letting go vices from eating, drinking to even shopping for example. The letting go of clothes that no longer represent the vision. Letting go of the belief that you’re not enough, that you’re not worthy, not lovable.

And yet after we make space, we replace this beliefs and habits with new consistent action and evidence of what is in alignment with your vision.

And that leads us to the final step of letting go. DEVOTION.

Devotion is defined as a love, a loyalty, a commitment, a worship. Imagine what happens when dive into sharing our gifts with such devotion, that we wake up with a commitment to develop ourselves in all ways from developing our gifts, to developing ourselves spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Where the thought of maturing ourselves and all we have to give with such devotion is dominating every other thought, because we truly get that a rose without consistent watering will never bloom to its full potential. That the miner who gives up too soon may be just 3 feet away from his greatest treasure.

That is true devotion. Because mastering our gifts, developing our practice comes with true devotion. And our ability to do so will give us the harvest we sow into.

And yet because we understand that our gifts don’t belong to us, they’re just borrowed with the intention of us giving it away. We understand what’s at stake is not our full blooming, but in reality the full blooming of the world, of the collective, of humanity, of every living soul including our Earth we call home. Because we are all connected at the root and source of our gifts.

Someone out there is waiting for what you have to offer… someone’s story can be totally transformed by your gifts, but only if you’re willing to step into your vision, dive into your process of letting go and devoting yourself to the full blooming of your purpose and potential. It’s time.