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A sacred place for dreamers to conjure love. 

This blog is my very  own little portal of truth and lessons from my journey of remembering. Here I share insights, tips, real + raw perspectives, stories, poems, prayers and thoughts that can aid you in navigating through your deep waters. infusing your journey with a little more faith, joy and lots and lots of magick.


Success won’t come to everyone.

As we look in the rear view mirror at 2017, you can reflect on all that was accomplished, all that wasn’t accomplished and the lessons you learned from it all. Regardless of how 2017 went for you, how will 2018 be the springboard year where you took your life and leaped into your greatest life […]

11:11 – This one is for the Ladies! (Sorry fellas)

*** I jumped off a plane… here’s why:::: For a long time I was afraid of owning my power. Powerful women and all people are being programmed to fear their power, to keep quiet, and dim their light. Not this time around.. this time I didn’t have to fear my power. To rewrite this fear […]

Diving Into the Flow

We are back after some very needed quiet time. But we’re excited to be back… like FI-NA-LLY! It’s been way overdue and we definitely missed you! It was an intense summer and sometimes taking breaks from all the self imposed expectations are vital to reassess where we are and where we are moving towards.   […]

Full Blooming, Sustaining Our Growth

And now we are ready to get out and enjoy, to build and create. Spring invites our creativity and the art to innovate. Winter is long gone, the colors are back and we see it so clearly with nature. The season of full blooming is upon us. Some of us are in the what’s next […]

Release Before Renewal

Tis the season of letting go and for some it can feel scary, for others a necessity. We often dream of celebrating our destination, but fret when life reminds us that it’s time to let go and unload. Spring cleaning fevers take over, our spaces both inner and outer, looking to be decluttered in order […]

INTIMACY: The Secret Link between Goals & Relationships

Intimacy::: IN-TO-ME-YOU-SEE YES! Intimacy. Oh boy does intimacy freak some people out. The idea of undressing who you are and standing naked in the crowd, transparent in who you are can really intimidate some people. But it’s soooo necessary, especially when it pertains to the materialization of our dreams, goals and plans. Intimacy or better […]

This is a Letter to every Goddess?

Dear Woman,  There’s a FIRE ? burning deep within our soul. A fire that burns, molds and transforms.  A fire that’s beautiful yet FIERCE.✨   She burns through the weeds, molds ether into form, creation into matter, transforms seeds into generations, stories into legends.?  She speaks through the silence of the flames, mirroring back to […]

Creating 2017: Part 2 – Debugging New Year Goals

Welcome back to part 2 of Creating 2017.  In Part 1 we discussed how feelings are not an accurate test for reality because how you feel yesterday is not the same as how you feel today, and how you feel today is not the same as how you’ll feel in the future.   Feelings account for […]

New Moon in Aquarius

The fire rooster as the Chinese perspectives declares 2017 to be the year of action, the year of focus, the year of confidence, the year of integration. We’ve been given many lessons, now is the time to apply them as we connect to