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Welcome home crazies! 

A sacred place for dreamers to conjure love. 

This blog is my very  own little portal of truth and lessons from my journey of remembering. Here I share insights, tips, real + raw perspectives, stories, poems, prayers and thoughts that can aid you in navigating through your deep waters. infusing your journey with a little more faith, joy and lots and lots of magick.


The first official Monday of spring 2020

Welcome to the first official Monday of spring 2020, (cough) our quarantine spring edition my Doulas! It’s a time of renewal they say, but we’ve been initiated by a season of rebirth. And we are deep in it, deep in the polarity that occurs right before the new...

Full Moon in Virgo ♍️

‘Fear forgets. Faith remembers.’ We are entering a time of much unveiling... so much is changing at once and all change brings some level of discomfort at first. This is the era of the Aquarian age where we get to really surrender to the divine wisdom and intelligence...

Full Moon in Leo

It’s a full moon in Leo and we are feeling extra! Can we follow the calling into a new debut of your higher self?! That fire is burning and we are feeling electric ⚡️ and magnetic. I am here.. #seemeroar. I love Leo’s. They are my kind of multi-faceted creative...

Master FAILING … and you will never fail

I was legit a baby when I started my first business. Made tons of mistakes.. I thought I knew it all but there was one thing that separated me from everyone. My work ethic. I would wake up early and head to the center and would not leave until the wee hours of the...

3 Steps When Facing a Mountain in Your Life

1. ACKNOWLEDGE Pretending it’s not there doesn’t work. Love and lighting the situation into God’s perfect plan as we sweep it under the rug does nothing. We get to acknowledge. You don’t have go into full story mode if you don’t feel comfortable. But acknowledging it...

New Moon in Taurus

Coming to you live from 30k feet in the air!! (I mean WiFi across the ocean on route to Sydney has been stronger than my home ? ) Taurus is known for being creatures of comfort, love and beauty. Ruled by Venus so they’re always looking to share their love, despite...

Change the Channel

Think of your thoughts like channels. There are channels we love tuning into and then there are channels that we dread like for me I hate news channels. The thing to understand about your brain is that it’s hardwired to protect you. So by default an untrained brain...

New Moon magick

#NewMoon in Pisces… my moon is in Pisces and this is in addition to my water trine is what amplifies my Clair abilities and my gifts of prophecy, psychic and mediumship.  ((( In deep stillness we emerge. ))) So many of us living on the shallow waters of our magnificence. Afraid to leave the comforts […]

I’m sorry

***Wrote this Sunday night coming out of ceremony:::  I’m sorry… that I’m not hiring a social media person… that I’m not responding to every comment or message. Some say that’s so not professional. That if I’m to build tribe I get to show up consistently so people can know like and trust me.  Truth is […]

Hello March – Full moon prep

It’s March 1st and we dive into this full moon in Virgo. We are all sensible in some ways to all the piscean energy still flowing. We were all feeling what needed to be felt in order to heal and rise from within. And now, with the rising tides in this virgo energy, today brings […]