MOM: 5 Phrases You Should Tell Your Teenagers EVERY DAY

Aug 30, 2015

5 Phrases Moms Should Tell Their Teenagers Every Day

Teenagers wake up to a world that bombards them with infinite information. Before they begin their daily routine, thoughts are running at an exponential speed trying to figure out something so simple as, “How am I going to survive today?” They are instantly commanded by the demands of social media trends, cultural beliefs, school, friends and parents.

In the midst of this chaos, how do we guide our teens? What is important for them to remember? Here are five phrases mom can say everyday to send them off into the world with an invisible shield of love and courage.

1. Believe in yourself! As cliche as it may sound, this phrase is essential in raising their confidence. As teenagers faces different challenges, they begin to question themselves. The answers to their questions lies within them.  Before they can accept and trust their intuition, they must believe in themselves.

2. I believe in you. Sounds the same as the first one?  Yes and no.  This is a confirmation of “believe in yourself!” Their insecurities are highlighted every morning before they are even dressed. Everyday confusion and doubt on choices like what style of clothes to wear, often times comes from  a lack of confidence. Reminding your teen that you believe in them will be a reminder that no matter what happens outdoors, they have YOU in their corner! They can always count on mom to be there.

3. I’m proud of you. Acknowledgement! These magical words can boost their confidence in a heartbeat. Believe it or not we grow up looking for our parents approvals. From the cartwheel in the playground to college graduation. But what happens to a person who doesn’t hear “I’m proud of you” regardless of where they are in their life? Teens need the reassurance that the people they need in their corner are proud of them.

4. Trust yourself. Trust is grounds for any solid relationship. Strengthening their relationship with themselves is the path to long lasting relationships in their own life. Not just with you, but even with their spouses and their business partners. Instilling that you trust them can be the catalyst of them taking on the biggest projects, the most daunting, challenging and most worthwhile endeavors. Reminding them to trust themselves will have them trust their intuition, their choices, and take steps that feel right to them. Most choices teens make are based on being loved and accepted by others. But before that, they have to love and accept themselves.

5. I love you. You may read this and think, “they should know that already.” Well, we invite you to say it daily and at random times. Expressing love to your teen changes the context of the relationship and the way they communicate with you. This interruption of thought completely changes the pattern of their day. It encourages them to stop and listen to love. The love you are expressing to them and the love they build for themselves. Loving themselves is the biggest asset for them to step forward in to anything they pursue in their lives.

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