Master FAILING … and you will never fail

Feb 5, 2020

I was legit a baby when I started my first business. Made tons of mistakes.. I thought I knew it all but there was one thing that separated me from everyone.

My work ethic.

I would wake up early and head to the center and would not leave until the wee hours of the night only to do it all over again the next day. I rolled up my sleeves and would do anything from painting to cold calling to cleaning to mopping (something that I hate doing and wouldn’t even do for my own home —> thank God for cleaners).

I trained and shadowed trainers. I stayed up co-writing trainings with my partner at the time. I showed up sick. I showed up tired. I showed up even right after a 10 day vipassana. I showed up right after my first ayahuasca. I lived and breathed commitment.

And yet I failed.

I failed with my first blog called Creating Source back when no one was doing blogs which is now the name of another business.

I failed after two years with my center called Dignity Universal which now offers a student leadership program to schools called Creating World Leaders™ and birthed Dignity University – an online platform for educators and students.

I failed at my first fix and flip in real estate.

I built so many websites, videos and courses and created ebooks that have never gone public. I failed at many many ventures.

But in my willingness to fail, I learned to succeed, every time I got back up, more resilient than ever. With bigger dreams and an unwavering faith!

Moral of the story is do not waiver in the face of failure. That’s just the beginning…

Failure is a teacher.
Failure is a stepping stone.
Failure is a bridge to success.

The more willing and vulnerable you are in the pursuit of your dreams, the more failure becomes part of the alchemy to your Source-given birthright…

YOUR SUCCESS becomes inevitable.

Loving you fam! Let’s get it! Your greatest days lie ahead of you!