If you’re in New York get outside and ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!

Nov 20, 2020

As an island girl I grew up relishing in the healing powers of the sun, the ocean and my family’s farm. My mom would yell at me for climbing on the roof to sun bathe, dream and journal. Decembers in Dominican Republic to this day is where you’ll find me. On the roof journaling and dreaming awake, but at least now she’s created a safe haven for me with a beautiful terrace, a hammock and chaise.

When I ran away to NY, as the winters creeped up so did my moods. I later discovered I had Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) where depression symptoms subside through winter, which is why I usually leave for the whole month of December and take that time for myself to soothe, center into myself and my visions, as well as celebrate my upcoming solar return.

Little by little I learned some tools to own my vibration even through the coldest winter. Here are some tips to dive into if you experience depression or sadness or multiple cases of blah ? in the winter as I did:

1. BREATHE INTENTIONALLY .. slow down your breath.. count 4 beats of an inhale and 7 beats for your exhale. BREATHE is SPIRIT is LIFE so you want to make space for Spirit to flow expansively through your body.

2. EARTHING:: place your bare feet on the ground, allow Mother Nature and her electrical powers do her magick.. it’s cold at first but so healing as it restores the natural defenses of the body, healing inflammation and improving mood.

3. DANCE AND SINGING:: Moving your body + using your voice raises your vibration.. literally shifts the chemicals in your brain. It’s so healing + uplifting, recommended to combat depression. It’s also amazing for strength, vigor, toning muscle which also support brain regeneration.

4. TAKING PREMIUM QUALITY CBD – I am #obsessed with cbd for so many reason which you hear a lot from me in the coming months. The benefits are endless + growing as we humans have an Endocannabinoids system, which supports regulating your emotions, motor control, immune system, and pain response. Inducing the body into a homeostasis state which kickstarts the body’s natural source of healing. It’s epic to say the least and my brand will be launching soon!!! I can’t wait to share this magick with you!!!

5. HUGGING A TREE // I know I know it sounds weird but if you only knew. Similar to earthing, trees have immense healing power. They recalibrate your energy field within minutes because we’re naturally nature deficit as we live indoors, moving in cars/trains/buses to work, events, etc. Even city living is a distortion of nature as there are sidewalks/streets, buildings/homes, that our bodies crave nature all the time. Hugging a tree increases levels of hormone oxytocin.

Responsible for feeling calm + Emotional Bonding. The hormones serotonin + dopamine have you feeling happier.


If you’re in New York get outside and ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!