Happy Moon Day!

May 18, 2020

Happy moon day loves!

Let’s make it a point today to dream big and surrender all your doubts.

Maybe the self-doubt just means you’re moving outside your comfort zone and finally connected with a dream, moving into the skinny branches of what it means to take flight in this vision.

Maybe the imposter syndrome comes up when you’re actually paving the way to your next level.

Maybe the fear just means this really matters to you.

The truth of the matter is that we are only able to dream about those vision our hearts know without a doubt we can achieve.

Don’t allow the trickster mind to play you. Don’t allow your emotions to dissuade you. Don’t allow your beliefs to create imaginary ceilings that don’t exist.

You have everything it takes because of the Great Spirit that breathes through you.

You didn’t come to waste time and space.

You came here to leave a legacy of light through every heart you touch.

And you have everything it takes to achieve the impossible.

Dream big beautiful soul.

It’s time.

Loving you,