Fun Labor Day Ideas to Renew Your Spirit

Sep 3, 2016

Labor Day is often reminiscent of friends, families and barbecues.  These six ideas will renew your spirit and connect you with the universe and those you love.

Take a “StayCation”

This labor day, avoid the crowds and traffic and take a staycation.

See if there is a block party, attend a local festival or just stay home.. it’s a great day to declutter and get organized. Make a list of the top ten things you’ve been saying you would do one day… schedule to do at least two of those things this month. Maybe catch up on some of your favorite shows. Plan a “binge watching” party for you and your honey complete with wine and snacks and watch your favorite tv series together. Read a book you’ve been meaning to get to.

Host a “Potluck” BBQ and/or a Pokemon Family Hunt

If family and friends is more your ‘thing’.  Host a potluck bbq with a theme.  You can have red, white and blue themes for food.  Whatever you do make it fun.  Come up with a blue drink and serve in style this Labor Day. For an hour or so, create a parameter and go out there and have your very own Pokemon Family Hunt. The kids will love you for it.

Gratitude Phone Wave

Make a difference with a family member. Make a list of 5 people within your family you haven’t spoken to in awhile and pick three people. Call them and connect. Share a special memory of them and pay gratitude. Really thank them for holding such a special or funny memory.. thank them for being in your life. Then request they call one person and share a special memory with them and pay the gratitude forward, requesting they do the same as well.

Pay it Forward

Be in service to a complete stranger. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or visit a children’s hospital or an elder’s care nursing home. See what it feels like to put on a smile on a stranger’s face.

Bucket List Revamp

Spend 30 minutes to an hour and create your very own bucket list… what are the top 25 things you want to do before you die? Share 3 things with your family or friends and ask them .. what are three things on their bucket list as well.

Bonus Labor Day Video Post

As a bonus, create your very own labor day video post… introduce your family and what’s so great about each and everyone of you. How do you get down on labor day? Share with us. The most creative video posted on Dignity’s Facebook will receive a prize!!!