Full Moon in Virgo ♍️

Mar 9, 2020

‘Fear forgets. Faith remembers.’

We are entering a time of much unveiling… so much is changing at once and all change brings some level of discomfort at first.

This is the era of the Aquarian age where we get to really surrender to the divine wisdom and intelligence of our higher self.

Full moon is in Virgo and this wormhole moon brings you clarity and healing as we emerge from the last 3 weeks of reflection with the mercury retrograde.

We are breaking cycles and patterns that no longer serve… with this moon reminds us of our role as healers on a mission of soul centered living and most importantly unfiltered pure loving BEING.

Virgo is the architect and dreamer… and this full moon all the way until the new moon we get to write down our ideal life in all its glorious details from our intentions and visions.

Sometimes an imbalanced Virgo nature can get us into that perfectionist mode of getting it right and perfectly organized and structured.

Sun is in Pisces and the manifestation soul queen reminds us that the magick and mystery of life is within us and can often be found in the messes and disorders.

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And so we’re learning to relax and let go… less control and more flow. The more we relax the more we trust… the more we trust the more we surrender… the more we surrender the more we allow and receive the fruits of this moment and that balance recipe of flow vs surrender only your higher self can guide you moment to moment. But you gotta be willing to ask and surrender.

Are we subscribing to fear… or faith?

One has us forget who we are and the power we have to create and shifts things into being… the other has us remember the power of The Great Alchemist that flows through us!

Last week was all fear for me. The self-sabotage game was real… as I’m launching the #Unfiltered Podcast this week, all I’m doing is rewriting in real time a sequence of beliefs that have held me small and trapped in my head every time I step up and press record.

????What is that for you? How can you step up and actively rewrite fears that have stopped you until now?

—>Get it on paper… what are some of those fears and how can you lean in everyday for a few minutes to face this fear and ultimately set you free.

Just like this virus has people forgetting who they are and the power we have to override ANYTHING… we get to lean in and see the illusion for what it is… a fear based construct urging us to wake up and step up in faith for just like the wave is a drop of the ocean… so too are you a wave of God in human form.

It’s time!

Let’s live it up, dreaming LOUDER than ever… and let’s keep on dancing!

Loving you!