Full Blooming, Sustaining Our Growth

May 16, 2017

And now we are ready to get out and enjoy, to build and create. Spring invites our creativity and the art to innovate. Winter is long gone, the colors are back and we see it so clearly with nature.

The season of full blooming is upon us.

Some of us are in the what’s next conversation, while others are dancing around it. What truly supports us in creating that momentum of moving forward?

Life can seem a bit tricky at times.. just look at the weather In New York for example, we have rain one day then a sunny warm day to then a cold wet foggy day. That’s how real change occurs.. we move forward, we let go and just when we think we’re done with a particular situation, the Universe comes and gives us one final test.

See the lesson keeps repeating itself in many different ways with different faces and situations until we’ve embraced and fully owned the lesson.

So how do we really move onward, forward, and upward, releasing the past once and for good so we can create and most importantly SUSTAIN the momentum of moving forward freely?

First let’s ask some questions to uncover what are the patterns that keep surfacing. What exactly keeps coming up?

Is it that ex partner that keeps resurfacing right when you feel you’re strong and moving on?

Maybe it’s that annoying boss or colleague?  

Or is it that nagging mother in law that never quite seems to go away?

Or maybe it’s your mom and every time you feel like you’ve accomplished something, she’s the first to point out what’s not working?

Maybe it’s your finances… the struggle to keep cool calm collected, pretending you’re good but always in the red, making ends barely meet.

Or maybe it’s your significant other and the thoughts that surface about where you are and where you should be?

Maybe it’s the weight, your health, or your energy level?

Or maybe, just maybe it’s you.. The common denominator to it all.

The moment you feel like you’re conquering the world, something comes up to remind you integrity isn’t a fixed place to get to and attain .. and spiritual enlightenment is a never ending spiral to a bottomless rabbit hole.

I don’t say this to discourage you but to assure you that we’ve all been there. We’re all growing and the expansion comes with growing pains. Full blooming comes with producing growth from the inside out.

In order to sustain forward movement, it’s important to bring awareness to the patterns that stunt us. Without awareness to these triggers, we’ll always remain a prisoner of them.

These triggers are there to serve you, so don’t discard them as annoying or deflect them as the other person’s craziness.

These people are your teachers, teaching you compassion and understanding, but most importantly teaching you how not to give your power away.

And that’s the key to moving forward owning our power in the greatest story. YOUR STORY!

Once we bring attention to the patterns that stunt our forward movement, now we can address a solution. And the solution will vary from person to person, and from situation to situation.

Here are a few questions to prompt your own solutions, because only you know the answer.

  • Where can I start with what I have right now?
  • Where are the places I haven’t been willing to go and can I go there now? Choose one.
  • What tools can I use on a daily basis to move my thoughts into actions? Ex. Vision board, rituals, planner, accountability partner.
  • What’s one action I can take every day to nurture my vision into reality?
  • What is one thing I can say to myself on a daily moment to moment basis to remind myself that only I hold the power move forward and create the life I truly desire? Ex. Mantra, Affirmations, Power Phrase.
  • How can I grow from this situation?
  • How can I improve from who I was just yesterday?
  • Look around in your external environment and within, what can I move, change or shake up to move any and all stagnant energy?
  • Get outdoors and sit in nature. Maybe hug a tree or listen to the ocean, but whatever you do observe the many lessons of nature.  

Every day matters, but only if you make them count. Small actions each day lead to momentum and quantum leaps over time.

One step at a time whispered the butterfly to the rose bud. Just one day at a time, and yet moving forward is the very essence of nature and the very essence of YOU.