Drop the Resistance

May 11, 2020

It’s only when we drop the resistance of where we are at, that we are able to plant new seeds for our vision to emerge.

Resistance only locks in the vibration fixed in place… why do you think the news media’s agenda is to instill fear and conflict?

There’s no space for vision to emerge when you are deep in resistance. Most people feel trapped because they are stuck in old emotional patterns that have nothing to do with their reality.

We get to learn to master our reality by training the mind to see and feel and interpret all that is as fuel to get us to where we want to be now.

BUT the secret is learning to train the nervous system to hold the reality of where we are with love and grace and space to drop into your heart and create from absolute trust that all is unfolding exactly how it’s meant to be.

When I was homeless, I was definitely scared and resisted my reality but I also had a lot of love and gratitude for where I was headed as I knew that this moment was paving a new path for me.

When we learn to appreciate all that is, we move forward with all our power rooted in the present moment.

Drop the resistance. Connect to gratitude. Lead with your vision.

If all your needs were met, how would you feel right now?

Let’s start there. Cultivate that feeling now.

Happy Moon day loves!