Change the Channel

Mar 12, 2019

Think of your thoughts like channels. There are channels we love tuning into and then there are channels that we dread like for me I hate news channels.

The thing to understand about your brain is that it’s hardwired to protect you.

So by default an untrained brain loves to dwell in situations where it feels the need to protect or defend itself.

Hence why certain channels like the pending conversation with your mom, spouse, boss, friend, or client are on repeat or left turned on running in the background.

Then we go into this ongoing spiral where we forget our thoughts hold creative power and manifesting potential.

It’s so important for us to change the channel.

Deliberately changing the channel to thoughts that actually serve your vision.

So whenever you find yourself dwelling on something working you up to state of protective or defensive or affirmative mode, change the channel.

Change the channel to one of gratitude… like wow I’m so blessed because of… (fill in the blank.)

Change the channel to one of wonder… hmmm I wonder who buys my program today.

Change the channel to one of love and appreciation… I love and appreciate my work and how blessed I am to do what I love.

Your turn.

Happy mars day!