A Call to Action

Nov 18, 2016

By now you can assume dignity to be one of our core values.

Dignity was created with a mission to create Oneness by materializing our divine potential, our worthiness, our perfection… little did we know we would face head on our own struggles, our own boundaries and battles, our own beliefs of limitation with becoming one.

Despite the high and lows, one thing we were certain about is that the vision was always bigger than us individually and collectively.

And yet for the vision to materialize, we had to become it. So onward we went even if it looked differently. (READ MORE)

Tough times call forth our strength, our dignity, but most of all our vision of oneness channeled through our love. We can’t allow ourselves get enrolled into the fear, the hate, the need to separate and dim our light as if we lost hope…

Hope in who we are, hope in humanity.

The beauty of tough times is the catapult, the fierce energy behind the pressure to transform like the butterfly or the diamond.

We are facing the heat that comes with transformation. Let’s embrace the contractions that come with labor. The pain is part of birthing a new world together.

They say the best cure to depression is self expression of purpose and dignity. Your worth and what you have to offer is the best antidote to a world experiencing contraction.

Our hopes is that whatever you many be experiencing during these times, whether it be joy or pain, go forth and express your art, your creativity, your dignity.

Go forward and create your form of art.

Our life will always be a form of art that expresses a message in every look, in every touch, in every step… we are always communicating our love and our fears.

May your legacy be one of love in every moment.

With infinite love,

Michelle & Team Dignity

P.S. We have a surprise come Giving Tuesday.. A free fun challenge in giving to restore dignity & faith in who we are and what we are capable of. Think scavenger hunt meets purpose 🙂