11:11 – This one is for the Ladies! (Sorry fellas)

Nov 20, 2017

*** I jumped off a plane… here’s why::::

For a long time I was afraid of owning my power. Powerful women and all people are being programmed to fear their power, to keep quiet, and dim their light.

Not this time around.. this time I didn’t have to fear my power.

To rewrite this fear I did a powerful hypnosis meditation and the words that came to me were:

‘The more I own my power the safer I feel.’

This time around I counted on an army of love, a Spirit team like none other. I wasn’t alone and my light was vital.

As we all are, and not just to this planet, but to a universal grid of light, woven in the magic web of all of life.

But I had to own it. I had to own my voice, my power and my light. And not just for me.

For generation that came before me.

For generations to come.

For the planet.

For all of life.

For all.

This time around powerful women are being called forth.

To lead, to gather, to hold up our men and children, to speak life, to voice our power, to raise community and nourish the leaders of leaders.

To blaze new trails of purpose.

Of light.

Of magic.

So on Facebook, I started a focus on honoring Women Changing the World #WCW series.

And as a result I decided to do a sheroe jump to HONOR all powerful women.

It’s one of my BIGGEST fears and I’m beyond excited to have done this again alongside some powerhouses!


Everywhere YOU GO and in EVERY PLACE you find yourselves, please know:


You are so loved and deeply appreciated.

I see you. I honor you!

Please remember progress is not linear.

Seasonal changes occur in every moment but sometimes we’re too in it to see how far we’ve come.

✨GROWTH requires us to PAUSE each night and ACKNOWLEDGE our efforts and small wins at the closing of each day.

✨Ending with GRATITUDE for each day we get to play, grow and create. Gratitude is the highest form of prayer in terms of frequency. This energy expands and grows exponentially.

✨It takes a consistent deepening of our relationship with ourselves to sustain our growth. And that’s where we can somehow get lost in the doing of it all.

✨May we feel the opportunities in each moment. May we learn to celebrate the small wins.. the small everyday changes that lead to quantum leaps.. to the seasonal growth.

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